06 Jul 2020, 08:19

super great Design Your Day meetings

I’m super pleased with how the beta versions of my Design Your Day workshops have been going.

I’m so happy to hear my friends moving forward on projects that they’ve been wanting to do for a while!

I plan to run a weekend training on Finding Your Life Purpose to more deeply connect to our Heart as the compass in our lives.

Each person has their own heart and their own life mission. Their own reason for being here on Earth. I teach ways to connect more deeply with purpose and to bring that into daily life.

Email me if you’d like to jump in on the daily Design Your Day circles, held at 7:30am JST each day.

20 Jun 2020, 20:12

Super great Your Art Matters event

Today Shu and Hiro joined Shinobu and I for our fifth(?) Your Art Matters event!

Hiro showed his HO gauge model train track he has been working on since 2001. Shu showed her drawings that she has been doing daily in the last month. Shinobu showed her interior landscape images. I showed my start at soldering stainless steel wire for a new marble track.

And someone didn’t take a single photo!

Here is my custom made soldering iron stand, made out of a single piece of wire.

2020 june single piece of wire new holder with cage

15 Jun 2020, 20:59


Great meeting tonight with a new man in the circle. We rewrote some of the messages from our inner critics and even sent the inner critics packing! Great rewrites such as

“you can’t do it” —> “It’s already done!”

“you don’t know what to do” —> “I trust my creativity”

What are some ways you’d rewrite messages from your inner critic?

05 Jun 2020, 17:07

First draft walking route Kawasaki to Niigata

I have begun to walk again in the mornings. I have posted on FB my idea of walking to Niigata. I have begun to plot out some potential waypoints for the route.

So far, I have plotted waypoints for 5+ hours to walk to Seibuen Amusement Park


Seibuen Amusement Park to Tennenonsen Kachofugetsu Hot Spring via Miyamae Park, nico rico, and 5 other stops in Google Maps.


Tennenonsen Kachofugetsu Hot Spring to 鳩山町文化会舘 via Ikejiriike Park, Takakurakofuku Temple, and 6 other stops in Google Maps.


鳩山町文化会舘 to 薪石窯PIZZA たんぽぽ via Kamigarako, Kamigarako, and 3 other stops


薪石窯PIZZA たんぽぽ to Minaregawa Park


薪石窯PIZZA たんぽぽ to 結婚の森 via Gunma Prefectural Observatory tooo farrr


結婚の森 to ゆじゅく金田屋


ゆじゅく金田屋 to グンマーsaraアジト via Akayako Memorial Park, 源泉湯の宿 千の谷,


Minaregawa Park to 県立公園群馬の森 via Shitauike Water Park, Gusto


県立公園群馬の森 to 利根川総社緑地 via 群馬の森北入口, Fuji Shrine


利根川総社緑地 to Kanai via 株式会社コメックス 漆原センター, Ichitora Chinese Restaurant


Kanai to 結婚の森


グンマーsaraアジト to Dragondola Sanroku Station


Though I have decided to not stop at Lockheart Castle, I have not yet figured out a way to embed maps on my site. Working on that now. The Google maps API allows “only” 20 waypoints on a map.

04 Jun 2020, 11:19

"I can't breathe" - George Floyd

For tens of years I have intentionally ignored news because it just ends up riling me up and making me feel scared and sometimes angry. I always went with the phrase, “if it gets bad enough, they’ll come tell me.”

I saw a post the other day about how I don’t know what black people have gone through or are going through now. That’s certainly true.

Humans can have empathy for each other, but until we have lived through the same experiences, it’s hard to know what it’s really like.

What is it like to be suffocated to death with a knee in the back of the neck? I don’t know, but I imagine it is pretty fucking horrible.

And even without watching any of the videos, I dare say the officer should have known that he was doing something pretty fucking horrible.

How the fuck did this happen?

In my men’s circles, I often invite men to breathe. “Become aware of your breathing in this moment. Allow your body to breathe itself as you imagine pure clean energy coming up from the earth and filling your body.”

This works well in many situations.

  • Feeling anger? breathe. Transmute the anger into action.
  • Feeling joy? breathe. Experience this moment to its fullest.
  • Feeling fear? breathe. Allow your brain some oxygen and space to figure out what to do next.
  • Etc.

Try breathing. Breathing works wonders.

George Floyd was denied the right to breathe.

Wait, what?

George Floyd was denied the right to breathe!!!

I said


I have seen #icantbreathe hashtags so just like “don’t taze me bro” I guess George Floyd was saying “I can’t breathe” to the people around him… People. around him. Humans, who I believe can have empathy.

A knee intentionally crushing someone’s windpipe into the ground is pretty much the opposite of human empathy. It’s horrifying to imagine “I can’t breathe” were George Floyd’s last words on earth.

So what to do?

Breathe. Give your brain and body oxygen to transmute your feelings into awareness and knowledge of what’s next.

After you breathe, let your new awareness move you courageously forward into action.

Use your empathy to stand up for human rights in whatever ways suit your situation.

Write. Call. Join. Leave. Invite. Ask. Speak. Share. Meditate. Pray. Post. Breathe. We are all connected and all playing a part.

Black Lives Matter.

23:49 Saturday 06 June 2020 JST

Plot Twist (jump right to 1:54:18 for George Floyd info):

Props #youngpharaoh

16 May 2020, 13:40

welcome to May
"Living a life takes longer than reading a biography."
- Rob Nugen

Welcome to May!

My timeline of workshops has certainly accelerated with the new schedule offered by the Covid Powered Pause. My goal was to lead 24 36 workshops in 2020, easily achievable at 3 per month:

  • First Saturdays: barefoot walkshop
  • Third Saturdays: Your Art Matters (co-lead with Shinobu)
  • ???? : eye gazing or past life memories

Now, as of May, nine+ per month!

I used the quote at the top to remind myself: even as things seem to be accelerated, day to day things seem to be slow, and “normal”. I still eat too much, waste time mindlessly online, haven’t been walking each day, don’t meditate or even study Japanese each day. And that’s okay.

I am distracted by N+1 things even as I write this newsletter, which (in early April) I hoped to write by May 5th so I could include the pun “Go Go!”

On April 30th, I enjoyed having a chance to safely release some anger in my men’s circle. In the process, I dented my wooden desk.

Afterward, I wrote in ink around the dent, “My body and I fucking matter!” and “GO OUTSIDE!!” to act as both an affirmation and a reminder to take care of myself. I need not be cooped up in my room all the time.

And so, to the point, if I can find my way forward, I think you can too. Just keep being as mindful as you can, as courageous as you like, and take care of yourself first before others.

Love and Light

  • Rob

ps: I am pretty sure this newsletter is way shorter than the previous ones and I am having some anxiety about that but I’m gonna send it anyway.

11 May 2020, 21:42

Bold Life Brotherhood: Purpose - bringing bliss into life

Great circle tonight with 8 men in attendance (including myself). We created stretches toward bringing blissful purpose into our lives.


Write down all the things that light you up.

  • What is your #1 thing that lights you up?
  • What bold action can you take to bring more of this into your life?

Reply via contact and I may add it below!

To the Bold Life!

11 May 2020, 00:23

Bold Life Brotherhood





Bold Life Brotherhood

  • Monday nights, 7pm Japan time (UTC+9).
  • For men ready for more in life
  • Subscribe below to book your place

This support group will help you to:

  • Focus on taking bold action in the world.
  • Surround yourself with a supportive community who keep you focused and accountable.
  • Live life at choice.
  • Be the hero of your own life
  • Be the leader of your loving community.

What is Bold Life Mastery?

Adam Gilad’s Bold Life Brotherhood year-long course can be repeated indefinitely as we take daily bold action towards improving our lives.

bold life brotherhood wheel

Every month will focus on a different core virtue. (See Upcoming Schedule below)

The Jungian Archetypes

Bold Life Brotherhood draws on the energies found in the male Jungian archetypes. These are sensible and practical. They are universally shared ideas, symbols, and energies. When you make an important decision, you exercise careful thought and wisdom (King energy). When protecting your family from harm, your energy would be sharp, focused, and fierce (Warrior energy). It’s that simple. The key is knowing which kind of energy to bring to which situation.

Costs (for four meetings each month)

You are welcome to check out your first meeting free. Simply register to access the meeting.

  • ¥10,000: four sessions per month

Unsubscribe anytime.

Upcoming Schedule

We meet 7pm - ~8:30pm JST, every Monday except 5th Mondays of a month.

July focuses on Connection

  • Monday 6 July 2020 Connect with your Body
  • Monday 13 July 2020 Connect with the Moment
  • Monday 20 July 2020 Connect with the Other
  • Monday 27 July 2020 Connect with your Context

August focuses on Intimacy

  • Monday 3 August 2020
  • Monday 10 August 2020
  • Monday 17 August 2020
  • Monday 24 August 2020


Questions are welcome at rob (AT)robnugen.com or via the contact form.

09 May 2020, 22:23

federally approved personal protective equipment (PPE) available in bulk

Do you know any hospitals, governments, prison systems, companies, or organizations, (especially LGBT) that need millions of federally approved PPE (personal protective equipment)?

I understand there’s a shortage in PPE and other medical devices right now.

My dear friend Christine has refurbished her factories to manufacture all PPE, including facemasks (N95, Exportable KN95, 3 ply), gloves, coveralls and more.

They have a 30 year history with the factories and have got them switched over to PPE production since COVID shut everything down.

They started with only donating to prisons after they saw an article about how prison inmates were passing away while their families were not allowed to hold proper funerals for them. Their website still only talks about donations to incarcerated people, but they are updating their website now that more funds have come in, to include hospitals, schools, and other organizations on their donations lists.

They are an FDA registered distributor of medical devices, and also offer their own brand products.

They have secured all the necessary requirements to ship them around the world, US being top choice.

Check out their website here: https://bishopandbishop.net/

You can email my friend the owner, Christine directly at christine@ the same domain bishopandbishop.net.

Or call the company at 1 888 548-2238

04 May 2020, 20:49

Welcome to the Month of Purpose - Bold Life Brotherhood

So proud to be part of five men embarking on this bold journey into Purpose.

I tapped in to an old dream I have had on the back burner for two years, to walk barefoot to 新潟, way on the other side of this island, 68 hours away by foot!

After inner reflection to find our current Purpose in life, we looked at the inner and outer challenges and then all set stretch goals to do in the next week.

Great depth tonight. Thank you men!